Every bride and groom hopes for a beautiful day to be presented up on their wedding day.  It’s not surprise that most couples choose spring for their wedding date as with Australian summers being typically hot, a more mild spring day is often better, especially if the bridal party are all suited up, and the bride is wearing a flowing, but voluminous dress.  Of course, summer is also popular in Byron Bay for weddings and wedding couples often combine a wedding and honeymoon in the region.

A beautiful day is sometimes seen as a forecast of how the marriage will turn out… but I am not a believer in these things.  If a married couple let a bit of rain dampen their spirits on their happiest day… how will they manage on days more difficult?  Such a test was presented to my newly wedded couple on this “fine” day in January 2013.

Open Table catered for the most beautiful wedding catering Byron Bay on the 27th of January 2013.  Although we were in the midst of a cyclone, that did not dampen the festive vibes and smiles on the bride and grooms face’s.

The Open Table team outside ankle deep in water and drenched had a great time too, the atmosphere was contagious and the wedding party continued on into the night oblivious to the crazy weather surrounding them. Great food was shared and drinks were enjoyed overall the entire evening was a great success.

The newly married couple took it all in their stride and if they can face the future challenges that come with married life with such good grace and humor, I am sure they will have a long happily married life together.


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