The 2013 Sample Food Festival held in Bangalow was better then ever and a beautiful day for catering Byron Bay!  A jam packed day full of food, doesn’t that sound nearly perfect?  Open Table Catering Byron Bay were amongst the foodies selling delicious food for you to sample.  Held on the 7th of September a hot Saturday in a gorgeous town just on the outskirts of Byron Bay, the Sample Food Festival was a day for everyone.  Walking through the stalls there were food temptations left right and centre, Open Table had a mouth watering menu with two selections:

A traditional selection of Middle Eastern food.  $5 plate-Local Myocum Pumkin Kibbeh (cracked wheat) stuffed with organic lamb and pine nuts served with green tahini and cooper shoot tomato salsa.  $10 plate-pomegranate walnut organic chicken served with carrot coriander spinach salad and preserved lemon dressings  + a $3 Lemon mint reviver.

Make sure to come to Sample Food Festival 2014 to enjoy a festival for your tastebuds!











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