My most recent wedding catering event in Byron Bay was particularly interesting. Our challenge was to combine Southern Indian with Uruguay. In the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the bride and groom wanted a fusion of food from different cultures and it has some hilarious moments.

With years of experience in catering for multi-cultural weddings, we set out to create a menu that would contain elements accessible to all of the guests being a mix of Indians, South Americans and of course some more atypical Australians. Not only did I have to create a menu that would appeal to everyone but that menu had to be unforgettable. A magical wedding in a magical place must have magical food. It was not enough that I would appease everyone I needed to tantalise everyone.

The groom was especially nervous because Australians understanding of Indian food is not necessarily what Indians perceive as Indian food. India is a blend of different customs, traditions, languages, religious beliefs, ceremonies and arts and they all differ vastly. I needed to make Indian food, that was regionally appropriate, for the groom who was born in South India. Having traveled to this part of India myself over many years and having included this cooking style in my array of food styles, I felt comfortable to cater for their wedding regardless of the groom’s nerves.

I suggested they come and have a weekend away in Byron Bay and to use that time to visit some other wedding services providers and to explore options. I offered to cook dinner for them and present them with an array of dishes from my repertoire.  Discount flights to Byron Bay for a weekend are very affordable. They jumped at this idea and arrived in Byron Bay 10 days later. The dinner went splendidly and I could see the grooms concerns melting away as he savoured my food. The bride was lovely and said she had not had the concerns of her worrying husband but was glad to have a reason to come and spend a weekend in Byron Bay.

When we catered for their wedding reception four months later, I observed that the guests ate from a broad range of the food styles. I cannot say that I was surprised and I was certainly delighted to see the Indian grandmother coming back for seconds for the Uruguayan style marinated chicken. The groom, who still appeared nervous on his big day, was at least not worried about the food, they were just wedding jitters.

In the end it seems my job was easier than the DJ’s who had his own challenges of mixing Indian music with Spanish music and some Australian favourites.

I guess, the message I am trying to convey, is that Open Table is specialised in many varieties of food and we are more than capable of catering to the tastes of virtually any culture and any special requirements. So if you are planning a wedding in Byron Bay and concerned about catering to guests of varied origins, do not hesitate to contact us. We love the challenge!

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