About Open Table Catering


Hi My name is Ronit Robbaz-Franco, much of my upbringing was spent in the kitchen around simmering pots and pans, baking trays and delicious aromas. I grew up in a large family where the focus was lavish food and joyful feasting.

My mother instilled in me both a curiosity and respect for rituals, traditions cultural diversity, and the use of local seasonal produce. My passion for food as celebration, entertainment and bringing people together is the result of my Moroccan Israeli heritage.

Arriving on the shores of Byron Bay in 1997, I had a dream to start my own Catering business. For me it was not just about catering to the wider community. I had a vision to start a unique and flexible company with elegant flair, the focus would be on fabulously good food, potently nutritious and healthful. Open Table would offer catering for private and corporate events, cooking schools and event management.

Open Table is dedicated to making your event a marvellously memorable one. We love creating events of all ethnical denomination and we are proud to support sustainable and local produce, using fresh and organic ingredients wherever possible – nurturing the knowledge of nutrition. 

I believe good nutrition is essential to vibrant health, as is the natural enjoyment of sharing nourishment.  Food brings us together and as a universal language crossing cultures and ages, speaks to us of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going.

To Ronit and the wonderful staff at Open Table.

The food and presentation was excellent! We cant speak highly enough of you all. This was our second time having you cater a special event for us. The first was our engagement party and next the wedding. We cant wait for the next excuse to get up to Byron, catch up and eat some more of those amazing duck pancakes, arancini balls and mini fillet mignon!!

Melanie & Clint

Ronit Robbaz-Franco opens her commercial kitchen to share her extensive knowledge and flair with preparing and sharing delectable food in a relaxed environment. Each class includes an array of sumptuous dishes tailored to the theme of the class and offers a chance to learn in a demo & hands-on environment preparing a delicious feast to share at the end of class. My cooking style is very unique as i utilise many innovative influences from my Mediterranean heritage to create mouth watering taste sensations. I love sharing my knowledge with my participants and see food as a wonderful way to come together in a fun and playful way.

Open Table classes and workshops are mostly held in our commercial kitchen, on our rural property in Byron Bay hinterland.
We have one large vegetable permaculture garden and the other one is Syntropic veggie and fruit garden- it is a regenerative agricultural cropping method developed in Brazil that aims to mimic the way forest plants work symbiotically to grow in abundance.

Most fresh produce is picked and used for our workshops from our gardens. We create and tailor our menus around the seasonal garden produce. We are commited 100% to mainstream biodiversity, by maintaining healthy soils, healthy thrivig gardens, pollinating plants, Collceting water and supplying our community wth nutritious food .