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Corporate Cooking Workshop Styles

Opentable offers the Styles below:


Canape/Small Plate

A simple approach, utilising finger foods and ingredients that take a small amount of time to prepare, this style allows a relaxed, fun, and comfortable atmosphere.  Perfect for parties and less formal corporate events and functions.


Chef’s Table

A little more intensive, this style offers the result of a full sit-down, 3 – 4 course dinner.  Taking a little more time allows a richer experience, learning more skills, and dedicating more time to communicating, bonding, and (for corporations) team building opportunities. Sitting down to share the meal together is a wonderful way to enjoy the success of the event and show off our new skills in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling.


Farm to Feast

Take this unusual opportunity in this day and age to visit the source of some of Byron Bay’s fresh, local produce. An interesting, informative outing coupled with an outdoor cooking extravaganza incorporating the farm’s produce is a great idea for something a little bit different – add a bit of adventure to your party or corporate event.


Take The Cake

Sweet and sensational – create and decorate the cake for your event as a group.  This is amazing fun, we find everyone to be enthusiastic about sweets, and the creativity involved in decoration is always a smile bringer.  This theme can be modified to ‘cupcakes’ – fabulous for younger participants, or for competition style team building. ‘Feel Free’ (sugar, gluten, dairy, soy) option available for the health conscious and those with special dietary requirements.


Hunter/Gatherers – The Amazing Cooking Race

For an exciting twist – teams will be required to participate in a ‘scavenger hunt’ style race to find the ingredients before embarking on the cooking extravaganza.  Location and instructions will be kept in secret prior to the event – the time limit comprising the element ‘race’. Transportation can be easily organised, allowing your party or corporate event members to relax and enjoy the adventure – building up an appetite to enjoy the spoils.


Please Note: every style can be adapted for either fun, or competition style team building events.


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