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 Cooking Workshops Byron Bay

Dive into the heart of Open Table cooking workshops, every second weekends Ronit Robbaz-Franco opens her commercial kitchen to the public to share her extensive knowledge and flair opening the senses to the true joy of preparing and sharing delectable food in a relaxed environment, learning to manage your time in the kitchen, ensuring that pleasure and taste are paramount:


A cooking party-is a fabulous way to combine your catering and entertainment – from canapés to cake – creative culinary to put the zest, the verve back into a simple everyday chore (and your guests will love it).


Cooking Workshops are an amazing, fun way to learn and enhance your life skills. Themed workshops allow you to explore new and exciting tastes, work with different ingredients, gain ideas for ‘everyday’ cooking and specialised events. Also increase your efficiency in the kitchen – learning ‘tricks of the trade’ and expanding your skills.


For Corporations (events and team building) – ‘The Fruits of Your Labour’ – the satisfaction of achieving something together that can also be equally enjoyed together is embodied in the act of preparing and sharing food. Innovative – something completely different for your corporate function or team building event – cooking adventures are great for ‘new’ groups, groups that have not worked together before, or groups that could use a little ‘new life’ or zest. Open Table’s cooking events offer a recipe for ‘cooking up’ group negotiating/delegation skills, communication and co-operation, social skills, bonding over shared achievement. As a bonus, participants gain skills for actively taking care of themselves – healthy habits and life skills. Good nutrition is necessary for a fully functioning brain and capable mind – creating efficiency in the workplace and in general.



Customise your cooking event to suit your tastes by perusing our menu of styles and themes – mix and match, and consult with us to ‘cook up’ the perfect occasion.




An authentic Moroccan banquet will be created, and will include dishes for daily use and also for special occasions. From the basics of spice selection and combination, Variety of dishes will be prepared, such as vegetable couscous and lamb tagine. To complete the immersion into culinary heaven, the class will make sweet briouetes; filo cigars with nut and almond paste filling, showered with orange blossom syrup.




workshop is about special dietary needs; dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar and yeast free cuisine. The emphasis is on creative usage of seeds and grains, and how to make wholefood interesting and delectable, to elevate it to gourmet heights!





Middle Eastern food is an expression of the eclectic diversity and passion of a vast range of people who revere the most ancient ceremony of feasting together. Cooking with the staple of the region, healthy olive oil, learn to incorporate the savoury flavours of aromatic spices such as sumac, za’atar, and cumin, with the fresh burst of coriander, parsley, mint, and lemon. Explore the seductive, sweet, unique dessert ingredients of the vibrant pomegranate, delicate rose water, and delicious halva.




Combining the integrity of authentic, succulent ingredients and flavours creating tantalizing flavors with a twist – Ronit will be teaching variety of Raw dishes which are brimming with life force, using fresh local produce, organic & pesticide free, enzyme rich energetic super food with no animal products, sugar free, diary free, soya free and gluten free+ Vegan.





It has been said that spice is the heart of Indian cooking.Allow your heart to be warmed and your appetite to be seduced with this afternoon of classical dishes, enhanced with Ronit’s experience of India, and unique flair for flavour and presentation.

Learn to mix your own aromatic blends of spices specific to each dish; incorporating cumin, coriander, turmeric, chilli, saffron, ginger, coconut, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and mint.

Create tempting lamb, koftas, surprising vegetarian dishes, and divine desserts, all bursting with the vibrant colours of India – passionate reds, appetising yellows, and fresh inviting greens.

Compliment these vivid flavours with cooling, soothing yogurt raita, and satisfying traditional breads. At the culmination of this workshop, you will have manifested into existence a sumptuous Indian feast, including dessert – and learnt how to co-ordinate your time in the kitchen conducive to a smooth, relaxed, and truly enjoyable culinary experience.




Nurturing nutrition – nourishing human relationships through common experience/enjoyment – fusing the practical with the pleasurable: the philosophy behind Open Table’s exciting range of cooking events.




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