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Cooking Workshop Theme Ideas

Open Table Catering offers a variety of cooking workshop for individual or corporate groups at out premises in Lagoon Dr, Byron Bay. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to learn more about healthy and wholesome foods from the professionals. Courses run on average for 5 hours on mostly Saturdays and end with a delicious meal with everyone. Make sure to book early to secure your place in the most fun cooking class you’ll ever do.
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Arabian Nights

Edible Evenings – Taste Treasure Trove: seductively spicy, exotic, authentic  Middle Eastern flavours.



Party Passion

Give yourself a present: Your favourite taste bud temptations brought to you fuss free ‘on a silver platter’.



Very Vegetarian Virtuoso

Veritable vegetables: Tasty and interesting ways to satisfy the vegetarian and even tempt the carnivore to convert.  Sprout your own innovative ideas from the fertile ground of this workshop.



‘Feel Free’ Foods

Gluten, dairy, sugar, soy: perfect for those with special dietary requirements and for the health conscious. ‘Feel free’ to experiment with these different ingredients and gain helpful hints to create your own healthy heaven.



Canapé Cornucopia – ‘Goddess of Plenty’

Pleasure foods, easy and fun to prepare; a variety of bite sized taste sensations delightful to eat in a social, relaxed manner. So devine you’ll be calling for more.



Byron’s ‘Bounty’

Get ship-shape – succulent shellfish and pearls of wisdom = ‘see’ food: A divine culmination of produce taken straight from the oceans of Byron Bay; fresh and sumptuous local cuisine.



Gorgeous Gourmet Gallant – ‘Nights in Shining Arbour’


All about presentation: Food always tastes better when it looks great.  Impress family and friends with your style and amazing, innovative presentation of food. Great for intimate dinner parties and extravaganzas alike.

Aromatic Adventures

Spice up your life: aromas excite us, invoke memories, and can take us ‘someplace else’. Learn to experiment, mix and use spices to make ordinary food seductive to the senses.



Flamenco Flavour Fiesta

Fiery feasting – flambé, flair, and flamenco.  Seductive Spanish tapas style fare; simple, sumptuous, and a little bit saucy. Flavours to make the tastebuds dance.



Season Sensation – ‘The Taste of the Times’

Savour the Season: concentrating on local food in season only – and exploring the healthy habit of eating foods available in the moment – giving the freshest possible result.



Indian Incarnation

Indulge and be ‘curried away’ –  ‘Curry favour with your flavour’: aromatic spices and vivid colours to warm the taste buds and the heart. Manifest an irresistible Indian infused feast – ‘Thank-you, Come again’.



‘Sink Your Teeth In’ – Your Choice

Allow your creative juices to flow – if you are passionate about an idea or theme for your cooking event, we are more than happy to liaise with you to ensure your special event is exactly as you like it.





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